Star Al​liance




In 1997, five world-renowned airline companies came together to create something never seen before: an alliance that meant they could provide seamless global services to their customers. They did this by linking their systems to provide smooth check- in for the whole journey and offer benefits to frequent travellers such as the ability to earn and redeem miles or points on the whole network and access to each others' lounges. Today, the alliance is coordinated by a team based in Frankfurt, Germany, comprising over 60 employees from around 20 different countries. The Star Alliance network serves more than 1,300 destinations, the largest aviation alliance in the world, which translates into easier ways to travel and faster, smoother connections.

With over 25 members, Star Alliance has worked constantly over the years to create even better travel experiences for the passenger. In many airports, the member airlines are co-located in the same terminal, sometimes even sharing facilities such as check-in desks or baggage counters. Behind the scenes, technical innovation ensures that the joint services offered by the Star Alliance network are using the newest and best technologies. The brand, symbolised by the well known star-shaped logo, personifies the promise that, no matter where in the world, a Star Alliance member company will be on hand to ensure the passenger has the best possible travel experience. Star Alliance member airlines together carry over 650 million passengers per year to destinations in over 190 different countries, with more than 18,500 daily flights.



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