At the Airport – Delays and cancellations

Please, check out the rules applied to delays and cancellations

In cases of flight delays and cancellations, the passenger who appears for boarding has the right to material assistance that involves communication, food and lodging.

These measures aim at minimizing passenger discomfort while they wait for their flight, meeting their immediate needs.

Assistance is offered gradually by the airline in accordance with the waiting period, counted from the moment of the delay, cancellation or skipping of boarding, as shown below:

  • After 1 hour: communication (Internet, phone calls, etc.);
  • After 2 hours: food (voucher, snack, beverages, etc.);
  • After 4 hours: accommodations or lodging (if applicable) and transportation from the airport to the accommodation site. If you are at your place of residence, the company may offer only transportation to your home and from your home back to the airport.

If the delay exceeds 4 hours (or the company already knows the flight will delay that long), if the flight is cancelled or if boarding is skipped, the airline should offer the passenger material assistance as well as options for re-accommodation or reimbursement.

As stipulated in the Brazilian Aeronautical Code, delays of less than 4 hours are within technical tolerance, taking into account that the providing of airline services is conditioned on uncontrollable factors, such as adverse weather conditions, air traffic congestion and unscheduled maintenance of aircrafts.

For more information, contact us through the Sales Call Center at 4004-4040 (major cities) and 0300-789-8160 (other locations).

Delays and cancellations
Delays and cancellations