Get Ready for Your trip – Documentation for boarding domestic flights.

The following rules and reccomendations are valid only on flights operated by Oceanair Linhas Aéreas S/A (O6).
If you have a leg on your itinerary operated by another companhie, please check the terms and conditions with the operating company.

All photo-documents listed as follows are accepted, original or authenticated copy, for boarding domestic flights according to ANAC 130 Resolution.

Brazilian passengers over the age of 18

  • National Passport;
  • Identity Card (RG) issued by the Public Security Secretariat of one of the states or the Federal District;
  • Identity Card issued by a Ministry or Agency subordinated to the Presidency of the Republic, including the Ministry of Defense and the Air Force, Navy and Army Commands;
  • Identity Card issued by the Judicial or Legislative Powers at the federal or state levels;
  • National Driver's License (model with photo);
  • Working Papers;
  • Identification Card issued by a professional category council or federation, with photo and notary attestation throughout the country;
  • Pilot, flight attendant, flight mechanic and flight operational dispatcher license issued by the National Civil Aviation Agency – ANAC;
  • Another identification document with photo and notary attestation throughout the country.

For cases where the identification card was lost, stolen or robbed, and concerning a trip inside the country, a police report - B. O. will be accepted, as long as issued less than 60 (sixty) days before.

Brazilian passengers under the age of 18

  • A Birth Certificate or any of the aforementioned identification documents may be used for boarding. For the boarding of minors, please check the rules and required documentation.

Passengers of Other Nationalities

Any of the documents listed below may be used for boarding:

  • Foreign Passport;
  • Foreign Identification Card – CIE (RNE), respecting the international agreements signed by Brazil;
  • Diplomatic or Consular Identity Card or other legal travel document resulting from international agreements signed by Brazil;
  • In the case of domestic travel, the protocol for a requested CIE issued by the Federal Police may be accepted in lieu of the original document for a maximum period of 180 (one hundred and eighty) days counted from the issue date;
  • The CIE replacement is waived as per the terms of Law no. 9.505 of October 15, 1997 for foreigners who have permanent visas and who have participated in a prior re-registration process and who:
  1. have completed sixty years of age by the expiration date of the document; or
  2. are physically handicapped.

In order to check required documentation for international travel, please go to


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