Preparing for travel – Animal transport

The following rules and reccomendations are valid only on flights operated by Oceanair Linhas Aéreas S/A (O6).
If you have a leg on your itinerary operated by another companhie, please check the terms and conditions with the operating company.

Here you will find all the information related to animal transport

According to Avianca rules, only cats and dogs are permitted for travel in the cabin.

Avianca restricts the number of total animals on a flight to three (3) pets when traveling in the cabin. Within this limit, Avianca allows one (1) pet per passenger and one (1) pet per container, unless they are young puppies or kittens born from the same mother (traveling without the mother). To verify the possibility of transporting your pet, please contact us through our Customer Contact Center at least two (2) hours before the flight.

After confirming the service by phone, please report at our check-in counter two (2) hours before flight departure.


Pet age limits

  • Puppies or kittens younger than eight (8) weeks will not be accepted due to dehydration effects caused by air travel.
  • For puppies or kittens younger than twelve (12) weeks of small breeds and more susceptible to dehydration, a declaration from the veterinarian attesting that they are in good condition to be transported will be required.

Female cats and dogs that are pregnant, in heat or nursing

  • Pregnant females will be accepted for travel only up to sixty-three (63) days of gestation, with a declaration of veterinarian attesting that the animal is in healthy condition for travel and there is no risk of birth during the flight.
  • Avianca will not accept for air travel female cats and dogs in heat or nursing, nor unweaned puppies or kittens.

Pet container

  • The animal must travel in a container, which can be purchased in specialized shops. The crate must meet the following specifications:
    Must be made of rigid plastic or highly-resistant fabric (with a water proof bottom);
    Must be completely closed but allowing sufficient ventilation to the animal, however without protruding from the sides of the crate;
    Must be safe enough to prevent the animal from fleeing;
    Must have rounded corners to prevent harm to the animal;
    Must allow the animal to stand, turn and lie down freely and comfortably, thus being suitable to the animal's size (cats and dogs being able to stand on their four legs without their ears or any part of their heads touching the top of the crate);
    Must be clean and leak-proof;
    Must not be made of toxic materials;
    Must be in accordance with maximum size specifications.
  • Dimensions:
    Height = 25 cm
    Width = 26 cm
    Length = 40 cm
  • Animal weight + container must not exceed 10 kg. In case the maximum weight is exceeded, Avianca will not accept the animal for transport.
  • It is not necessary to sedate the animal.

Documents required for all animals

  • Proof of rabies vaccine for animals three (3) months old or older, including the name of the maker of the vaccine, type of vaccine and the number of the vaccine used. This vaccine must be applied between thirty (30) days and one (01) year before the flight (puppies who are not yet three (3) months old and have not taken the first vaccine will board only with express authorization from the veterinarian);
  • Declaration of good health issued by the veterinarian, which will be valid within thirty (30) days after the date of issue.

Guide dogs

  • Service dogs trained to assist people with disabilities will travel free of charge in the passenger cabin, on the floor, next to the owner. The seat will be defined by the airline and the dog must travel on a leash and remain under its owner's control at all times.
  • To be accepted, the dog must carry the same documents as domestic animals (PETC). There are no restrictions regarding the number of total guide dogs on a flight.

Except for guide dogs, in which case travel is free of charge, the fixed fee for transport of animals in the cabin is two hundred reais (R$200.00). This charge is valid per itinerary (place of departure - destination; there will be no additional charges for connections and stopovers).
To request this service, please contact our Customer Contact Center.

For more information, please contact us through the Sales Call Center at 4004-4040 (major cities) and 0300-789-8160 (other locations).


Transporting animals