Your ticket – Online check-in

To check in online, click here.

Be aware of the rules for using Avianca's online check-in.

Avianca's online check-in is available to all domestic flights operated by Avianca Brasil, for passengers over 12 years old who are not expecting mothers and who have not undergone surgery in the last 30 days, with a valid e-ticket or without check-in baggage.

Online check-in is available between 72 hours and 40 minutes before the flight's departure.
Please go to the boarding gate and identify yourself to an AVIANCA employee within 40 minutes before the flight's departure.

In addition to the printed boarding pass, you must present a valid photo ID. Check out the links below for more detailed information:

- Documents for boarding.

- Carry-on luggage rules.

Attention: please make sure you are not carrying in your hand luggage any sharp objects such as needles, scissors, nail cutters, since such items may not be carried in your hand baggage.

- Checked luggage rules.

- Items whose transport is restricted on Avianca flights.

If you have baggage to check in, we recommend you to arrive at the airport at least one (1) hour before departure and look for one of our baggage drop-off points.

If you checked in online but did not print your boarding pass, please go to an Avianca check-in counter to retrieve your boarding pass.

To accrue points under the Amigo AVIANCA program all you need to do is register on our website and choose the option "I want to participate in the relationship program", then sign in while checking in online. If you are already registered, points will be automatically accrued after flight service is concluded.

In case the passenger checked in online but did not show up in time for boarding, there will be a charge based on travel class and ticket's fare conditions, besides the difference between the old and new fare, if applicable.

Mobile Check-in

You may also check-in accessing our website via Smartphone.

You can use the mobile check-in between 72 hours and 40 minutes before the flight.

There is no need to print your boarding card because the system will provide you an electronic one with a QR Code. Simply present your mobile phone with the QR Code before entering the departure lounge for card validation.


Web check-in