Information on Trips

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  • Domestic Destinations
    Domestic Destinations
  • Using points
    Using points
  • Our fares
    Our fares
  • Payment methods
    Payment methods
  • Documents, passport and visas
    Documents, passport and visas
  • Vaccines
  • Boarding passengers under the age of 18
    Boarding passengers under the age of 18
  • Physically handicapped passengers
    Physically handicapped passengers
  • Pregnant women
    Pregnant women
  • Animal transportation
    Animal transportation
  • Your baggage
    Your baggage
  • Web check-in
    Web check-in
  • Ticket rescheduling
    Ticket rescheduling
  • Reimbursement to the passengers
    Reimbursement to the passengers
  • Boarding procedure
    Boarding procedure
  • Delays and cancellations
    Delays and cancellations
  • Airports
  • Problems with baggage
    Problems with baggage
  • Cautions at arrival
    Cautions at arrival