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Manage your booking, book and / or purchase special services with ease, accessing below your Reservation!

Pay for Baggage with a discount or hire services for Transporting Animals in the Cabin.

Compre Bagagem com desconto ou contrate o serviço de Transporte de Animal na Cabine.

Check-in and choose or change your seat before boarding

Faça seu Check-in e escolha ou mude o seu assento e economize tempo no aeroporto.

Reserve meals, help for people with special needs or to board sporting equipment.

Reserve refeições, atendimento às pessoas com necessidades especiais ou embarque de equipamentos esportivos. 

Make your move, upgrade your seat and enjoy all the comfort and experience of flying Executive Class at Avianca Brasil.

Dê seu lance, faça o upgrade de cabine e desfrute de todo o conforto da experiência de viajar na Classe Executiva da Avianca Brasil.

Important Information:

For ticket purchases made before September 24, 2017 (tickets with baggage allowances in kilos), paying for excess baggage should be done directly and exclusively at the airport.


  1. The services listed above are only available to clients who purchased a ticket through the Avianca Brasil site or app. For transactions carried out on other channels, such as the Avianca Store, Customer Service Center, and Travel Agencies, please contact the channel that issued your ticket directly.
  2. Baggage can only be paid for through the site or the app one time. If a passenger has already paid for excess baggage when buying the ticket, it is not possible to pay for another extra piece of baggage through this channel.
  3. The services of refund, alterations, or changes to the ticket cannot be carried out via the site if the reservation includes fees for services.
  4. To request refunds in other forms of payment, click here
  5. For tickets issued with Programa Amigo? points: to request a refund for your ticket issued with points, get in touch with Customer Service