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Percentages of Delays and Cancellations by Basic Flight Stage

The percentages of delays and cancellations are calculated based on the information of the month most recently released by ANAC - Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil.

They are considered events such as airport, meteorological and infrastructure problems, whether or not under the control of Avianca. Flights shown as 'n / a' may have changed schedule or are new routes and do not have performance data for the previous month.

According to article 13 of resolution ANAC 218 of February 28, 2012 we clarify that:


I - the cancellation percentage is calculated based on the total number of planned stages;

II - the percentage of delays is determined based on the date and time scheduled for arrival at the destination of the flight stage and calculated by the total number of steps performed, considering the canceled stages;

III - the percentage of delays and cancellations represent historical behavior of the flights, and may present variations in the following months; And

IV - the percentages of delays and cancellations of all flight stages of regular public air transport in Brazil are available on the website of the National Civil Aviation Agency - ANAC on the Internet