Refund Form


Check the ticket refund rules and then fill in the form below to request a ticket refund.

For tickets purchased:

With travel agencies: ticket refunds must be requested to the Issuing Agency.
With Amigo miles: please contact our call center on the phones: 4004 4040 or 0300 789 8160.
With credit card: the amount will be reimbursed to the card used in the purchase.
With cash or payment slip: fill in the bank account information in the form below.

With debit card: The amount will be returned to the bank account of the debit card used in the purchase.

With PayPal: The value will return to the PayPal account.


  • If the passenger is not the account holder, he/she must authorize the credit in a third-party account by signing the Authorization Letter for Third-Party Account held by Individuals or Legal Entities, and attach the form below.
  • If the passenger is a minor and the account is held by his/her legal guardian, attach a copy of a document proving the family relationship.
  • If the account is not held by the passenger's guardian, in addition to the document previously mentioned, the passenger must send a term authorizing the credit in a third-party account (Authorization Letter for third-party account - Individual – Child under 16 years old), the guardian must sign and attach the form below.


The refund must be requested by a passenger.
After requesting a refund, the entire trip will be canceled.
If you need to travel one of the stretches on the ticket, you should travel first and then ask for a refund of the unused stretch.

Reasons for requesting a refund:

Voluntary Withdrawal Cancellation of flight Illness Doubled Purchase Death
The passenger will no longer travel due to a private reason. The deadline for free withdrawal of the purchase of the ticket is up to 24 (twenty four) hours, counting from the receipt of your receipt and at least 7 (seven) days in advance of the date of shipment. For passengers whose flight has been canceled by the airline. Attach the passenger's medical report, including the doctor's license number (CRM), stamp and disease code. To be considered a purchase in duplicity, tickets must bear the same name, date and stretch. The passenger's death certificate must be attached.


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