In-flight Entertainment

In order to make the experience even better, we offer a program with songs, music videos, TV shows, news and sports, documentaries and cartoons, which is updated monthly, on our flights.

And to make this possible, our flights have a Premium entertainment option with 2 types of systems: AVOD and Overhead.

AIRBUS A319 and A320 Entertainment System

AVOD is a modern audio and video digital system, providing each passenger with an individual 9" LCD touchscreen with the option for a monthly updated program of songs, music videos, TV shows, news and sports, documentaries and cartoons.

The entertainment system can be used as soon as the flight starts and its contents are free. To start browsing, use the control or touchscreen display on each of the screens. Check out how easy it is:

1. Welcome aboard

At the start of the flight, the screen will turn on automatically. From this moment, you can enjoy Avianca's entertainment content.

2. Language

To start, choose a language. Then an extensive menu will appear.

3. Choose a content option and enjoy your flight

Choose an Entertainment option, work or rest - whatever you prefer.

4. Entertainment

You will have custom controls that will allow you to adjust volume, go back or forward videos, and even mute game sounds.


Entertainment System AIRBUS A318

Overhead offers 10.4" LCD screens located throughout the cabin, on the panels above the seats. Your video program, also Premium, is fixed with monthly changes to suit the duration of each flight. Both systems offer the highest digital quality available.

IMPORTANT!: The programs on our flights vary according to the aircraft and the route.
We offer our courtesy Avianca magazine in all aircraft.