Web Check-In

Web Check-In

Who can do the web check-in?

Avianca Brasil web check-in is available to all passengers over 12 years of age, provided they are not pregnant or have not undergone surgery recently.


When can I perform my web check-in?

It is possible to carry out the procedure with the following antecedents to the takeoff of the flight:


  • Domestic flights: between 72 hours and 40 minutes.
  • Latin America: between 72 hours and 65 minutes.

How far in advance do I need to get to the gate before takeoff?

Present yourself at the gate and identify yourself to an Avianca Brazil employee with:


  • Up to 40 minutes in advance of the national flight.
  • Up to 60 minutes in advance of international flight departure.

If the passenger has performed the web check-in and did not appear in a timely manner for the boarding, there will be charges according to the class and rate of the ticket, in addition to the difference of the tariff for redialing, if any.


What documentation do you have at the boarding gate?

Please present a valid photo document with your boarding pass. Check the link below for more details:

How to proceed if I have checked-in luggage?

If you have checked-in luggage, please arrive at the airport earlier than the flight departure time, we recommend:


  • 1 hour and 30 minutes on domestic flights.
  • 3 hours on international flights.

What can I bring in my carry-on baggage?

Make sure that in your carry-on bag there is no piercing object such as needles, scissors, nail pliers, as these are prohibited from being carried as carry-on luggage.


To perform your web check-in, click here.


To accumulate points in the Avianca Brasil Amigo program, simply register on our website and choose the option "I want to participate in the relationship program", and register with the Web Check-in. If you already have the registration, the points will accumulate automatically after the completion of the service on the flight.

Check-In via Cell Phone

Check-In via Cell Phone


It is possible to check in via cell phone by accessing our website through a Smartphone or through the Avianca Brasil app.


Mobile check-in follows the same rules as web check-in, but in that case, you do not need to print the boarding pass. The system will generate an electronic card with QR Code. Simply present the cell phone with the QR Code at the entrance of the boarding to read the passage.


Redialing of Ticket

Redialing of Ticket


The redial must be made within the validity period of one year from the date of purchase. Avianca Brasil ticket bookings can be requested from our Stores or Sales Center.


Because it involves the assistance of a third party, the redemptions made at Avianca Stores, Central Sales and Travel Agencies will be increased by an additional service fee of R$ 40.00 or 10% of the amount of the difference of the tariff, whichever is greater.


When a change of a ticket is made to a value lower than originally agreed, a credit can be generated. In these cases will be discounted from the credit, the service fee of R$ 40.00 for the remarques made by Avianca Stores, Central Sales and travel agencies.


For the residual value will be issued a credit order that can be used as a form of payment for a new purchase. Or you may be asked for a refund.


The credit order will be valid for 12 months from the date of purchase of the original ticket and may be used in our Stores or Reservation Center. For tickets purchased at travel agencies, we recommend contacting them for re-booking request.


Reductions are subject to a fee and / or tariff difference, depending on the contracted rate. Click here and check the rules for changes to our rates.



  • For tickets issued using points, re-booking is not allowed, only reimbursement of the ticket, respecting the rules of reimbursement of the ticket purchased. For more information, please contact our Friend Program Call Center at (11) 4004-4040.
  • For purchases from 08/18/2014, there will be a charge of R$ 10.00 for infants (from 0 to 24 months incomplete). The charge is valid for each one (Origin - Destination, there is no charge for scales and connections).
  • Valid rules for flights operated in Brazil. For international flights, see rules in our call center.

For more information, please contact us through our Sales Center at 4004-4040 (major capitals) and 0300-789-8160 (other locations).


Reimbursement of Ticket

Reimbursement of Ticket


Check out the rules for requesting reimbursement for tickets.


Refund for purchases made through Credit Card:

After completing the data in our online form, the refund will made on your invoice.


Reimbursement for purchases made through Debit Card:


After filling in the online form, the refund request will be sent to the bank account linked to the debit card used for the purchase.



Refund for purchases made through PayPal:  


After completing the data in our online form, the refund will be made as credit in your PayPal account.


Reimbursement for purchases made through Bank Draft:


For security measures, in the case of purchases made via Ticket, the reimbursement is make individually - each passenger receives the amount corresponding to their respective ticket subject to the application of penalty, according to tariff rules. If you wish to make a refund to a third party account (when the person receiving is not the passenger), in addition to completing the online form, you must send the following documents:


1. Letter of Authorization completed and signed by the Passenger.

Download Authorization Letter for third party account - Individual.
Download Authorization Letter for third party account - Individual - Underage.
Download the Letter of Authorization for third party account - Legal Entity.

Download Authorization Letter for third party foreign account - Individual.


2. Copy of Passenger's Identity document.


This procedure is just perform through our online form.

In case of doubts or for further information, contact us at Avianca Online Service or by phone: 4004-4040 - São Paulo and main capitals 0300-789-8160 - Other locations. For refund of tickets issued with points, please contact our AMIGO service center at 0800 722 6446 (0800 72 AMIGO).


The official Avianca Brasil application has a free download from online stores for mobile devices that use operating systems Android and iOS.  Download now!


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