Privacy Policy

We ask you to please carefully read our privacy policy to learn the advantages, features and resources available on the Avianca website, as well as the terms and conditions in which your personal information will be used. Avianca may update this policy at any time. Thus, always check for potential changes that may have occurred, keeping up to date with the new procedures adopted. And, if you do not agree with any change, remember that you may alter your profile at any time.


1. Privacy

The Avianca website was developed with the objective of ensuring that your online privacy is respected and your personal information duly protected. Please, learn about the actions we take to protect the personal information our visitors may share with us, as well as how this information is used and with whom it may be shared.


2. Collected information – purpose, update or change in profile and form of utilization.

Through this Site, OCEANAIR LINHAS AÉREAS S/A - "AVIANCA", company registered under number of CNPJ 02.575.829.0001-48, located at Washington Luís Avenue, 7,059 - Campo Belo - SP - SAC: 0800 286 6543, seeks to create more a channel of communication with you, with the possibility of knowing you better and being able to provide services and information that meet your needs, expectations and preferences.

With your registration, you will have access to several resources available on this website, some of which, such as the online purchase of tickets, are restricted to registered customers.

Your information will be stored in a Safe Server and it can only be accessed through a personal password, which will be generated for you automatically by the moment you register. Do not give out your password to others under any circumstance.

You can update, add or even exclude, at any time, any information that you have shared with us. To do that, simply update your registration.

Your personal data may be shared with Avianca's partners and allies, especially those who are part of the 'Programa AMIGO' . Unless you specify otherwise on your registration, your information may also be revealed to Avianca's business partners.

The Avianca may use your e-mail to send mailings and promotional and institutional materials, as well as for confirming or cancelling booking. If you do not want to receive e-mails from Avianca or from our partners and allies, please update your registration.

If you no longer wish to receive our communications in your e-mail, locate the "unsubscribe here" field in the footer of any email marketing and / or newsletter sent by Avianca to your e-mail address or contact us with us at


3. Links to other websites

The Avianca website may contain links or frames from other sites that may or may not be our partners and allies. These links and frames are made available, only in an effort to provide further benefits to our customers. It is worth underscoring that the inclusion of these links and frames does not mean the Avianca has knowledge of, agrees with or is responsible for them or any of their respective content. Therefore, Avianca cannot be held liable for eventual losses or damages incurred as a result of using the referred to links or frames.


4. False emails

From time to time, false emails in the name of Avianca . These messages were not written or sent by us. Avianca does not send emails requesting confidential data from customers nor does it ask for any sort of deposit into any bank account. If you have received a message requesting confidential information or with instructions to deposit any sum in a bank account, please disregard it.

Here are some tips to guarantee the safety and privacy of your information:

  • Be careful when accessing the Avianca website through links contained in e-mails; the address that should appear in the navigation bar should always begin with
  • Always, when entering the address for the Avianca website, please confirm whether the accessed site refers to the desired one;
  • Be careful with SPAM emails. These emails seem to come from a safe source or from a friend, but in reality they are made for you to download viruses or to direct you to a fraudulent website and induce you to reveal confidential information;
  • Do not answer emails that request personal information. Be suspicious of any email from companies or people that ask you about passwords, identification numbers or other highly sensitive information;
  • Only open emails from reliable and known sources. Be especially careful when opening emails with attached files. Even your friends can accidentally send you an email containing a virus.


If you have any doubt, please contact Avianca.

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